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Light Up Orbiter Ball Toy Wand for Kids
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Light Up Orbiter Ball Toy Wand for Kids

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QTY Per Case: 48
Dimensions: 18.0 * 8.75 * 18.0
CBM: 0.046457326
  • Fun and captivating: This 7-inch light up magic ball toy wand provides a thrilling spinning light show that will delight kids of all ages
  • Flashing LED wand: With vibrant and mesmerizing LED lights, this wand creates a stunning visual display that will capture kids' imaginations
  • Batteries included: The wand comes with batteries included, so it's ready to use right out of the box
  • Perfect for parties and events: This light up wand is great for birthday parties, classroom prizes, and as a fun gift or party favor for boys and girls
  • Sensory toy: The spinning lights and visual effects of this wand make it an ideal sensory toy for kids, including those with autism or sensory needs
  • Durable and safe: Made from high-quality materials, this light up wand is safe and durable for long-lasting play
  • Easy to use: The simple on/off switch allows kids to easily operate the wand themselves, promoting independence and fine motor skills
  • Unique and eye-catching: The magic ball design of this wand is visually appealing and adds a touch of excitement to playtime
  • Suitable for various ages: This light up wand is perfect for kids ages 3 and up, making it a versatile toy for toddlers, preschoolers, and older children
  • Encourages imaginative play: Kids can use this wand as a magic wand, create their own light shows, or incorporate it into their pretend play for endless hours of imaginative fun

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